How To Keep Your Oven Door Clean

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Cleaning your oven is one of the most hated chores in the home, whilst no one really wants to do it cleaning your oven is crucial for hygiene, the taste of your food, preventing fires and the longevity of your oven.

One area people like to keep clean the most is the oven door. Whilst I would recommend the whole oven should be kept clean, seeing through your oven door is handy. In the following guide, I will give you some pointers on how you can keep your oven door grease-free.

This guide will show you that cleaning your oven door encompasses 3 easy steps, that should take no more than 30 minutes from start to finish.

  1. Make sure your oven is cold to the touch. Once it is cold you will need to slide the top piece of glass out towards you or very often it will just unclip.
    CAUTION: when doing this be careful the door doesn’t slam shut as it will not be weighted by the glass you have just removed.
  2. Mix the water and baking soda and apply to grease.
  3. Use a clean tea towel to buff for a showroom finish.

1. Remove Excess Dirt From Oven Door

To start it is important to make sure your oven is cold to the touch, if your oven is hot you are at risk of burning yourself and exposing your self to harmful chemicals if you apply the cleaning tools to early.

At this point, place newspapers on the floor and over any kitchen units that you do not want to get dirty. Remove any excess dirt from your oven door using an old sponge. Most ovens will allow you to separate the oven door by either sliding the top piece of glass out from bottom to top or by gently unclipping the glass using your fingers only, if you find the glass is not moving then leave in place.

CAUTION: once the glass is removed the door will tend to shut quickly back towards the oven this is because the weight of the glass is no longer holding it down.

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2. Make Water and Baking Soda Mixture and Apply to Grease

In a similar fashion to cleaning the base of you oven you will need to let the greasy parts of your oven door  soak in a mixture of baking soda and water (this is where you need to make sure the oven is cold).

The mixture should consist of ½ a cup of baking soda and water and mix until it forms a paste. Once your paste is made apply to the piece of glass you have just removed from your oven door, try to apply evenly over the glass. I would recommend you wear gloves at this point.

Allow to soak in for 20 minutes. Whilst it is soaking using a clean sponge and warm soapy water clean and wipe dry the inside of your oven door. Once the mixture has soaked in agitate and then wipe clean with a sponge and clean water. Repeat the process if it has not come up clean as you like.

3. Thoroughly Dry Your Oven Door

Now the most important part is to make sure you thoroughly dry all parts of your oven door before it dries to form streaks and water spots. Once done slide your piece of oven glass back into the door or if it is a clip version, line the clips up and gently push back into place.

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This How to Guide has given you a step by step process on how to safely clean your oven door. Whilst it can often be a job that is frustrating and messy, I hope this step by step guide has made life easier for you. The cleaning of your oven door and glass does not need to be done every week but a regular deep clean of your whole oven should be done every couple of months to keep it in the condition in which it can perform at its best.

If you are looking for a more professional job, here at Sussex Oven Cleaning, we provide a first-class service from one of the highly trained operatives. Using non-toxic and environmentally products, we provide a through clean inside and out, tackling the grime and carbon that has built up over time. By the time we have finished, we aim to leave your oven like new.